As well as insuring the structure of your home, our policy also covers accidental damage to internal fixtures such as showers, baths, basins and stoves. It also covers structures such as your driveway, decks, sheds, garages, paths, fences and gates.

Replacement cover

If your house is destroyed by a sudden and accidental event like a fire or flood, we’ll pay to have it rebuilt up to the size you specify. In the case of a natural disaster, it will be replaced up to the 'sum insured' you specify.

Natural disaster damage

If your house is damaged by a natural disaster, we’ll pay the difference between the amount paid under EQCover and the natural disaster sum insured less any excess that may apply. We’ll also pay for loss to parts of the house not covered by the EQC Act such as pathways and driveways.

Alternative accommodation

If your house is damaged to the extent that you can't live in it (and we've accepted your claim) you'll get up to $25,000 under the standard cover. You have the option to increase the cover to $50,000. This covers the costs of temporary accommodation for you, your family who live with you, and your pets.

Keys and locks

If your keys are lost, stolen or believed to have been duplicated, we'll cover the cost of replacing the keys and locks up to $1,000 (excess free).


We'll cover the loss of your gardens and lawns up to $5,000 if your house suffers loss or damage. You can choose to increase this amount up to $100,000.

New building or alteration work

We’ll cover minor building work and materials up to $50,000 (conditions apply).

Cover for landlords

If you rent out your house you're covered for loss of rent, if it can't be lived in (and we've accepted your claim). You're covered for up to $25,000 or can select to increase this to $50,000.

The policy also covers landlord's contents at the property, such as blinds, drapes and household goods such as washing machines and fridges. You can choose between $20,000 and $50,000 cover.

Optional benefit - glass cover

If there are accidental breakages to window glass or bathroom fixtures (sinks/basins or baths) we'll replace them with no excess.

What is your excess?

The excess is the amount that you pay for each claim. The standard excess for an owner-occupied house is $400, but you can select a higher option and this will lower your premiums. You'll need to make sure you select an excess that's affordable if you need to make a claim.

There’s a $5,000 excess for things such as driveways, fences, pools and paths damaged by natural disasters that would replace your usual voluntary excess.

Payment options

You can choose the payment option that suits your needs – direct debit or credit card. And you can pay your premiums fortnightly, monthly or yearly.