New for old

We pay the replacement or repair costs for most things including your furniture, furnishings and home appliances regardless of age. Some items, like clothing, computers over five years old, and camping equipment, are covered for present day value. For more details on replacement value, see the full policy details.

Key and locks

Up to $1,000 cover if your house keys or remote door opener(s) are stolen, illegally copied or the combination number of an electronic keypad for external doors becomes known to someone else without your permission.


This covers the repair or replacement up to $3,000 per item; or $15,000 for all unspecified jewellery (including watches) in total.

If you have specific items which are greater in value, you'll need to let us know so we can add these to your policy.

University and boarding school extension

Your children's contents are covered while they're attending boarding school. Tertiary students living away from home are covered up to $5,000.

Overseas travel

Up to $5,000 cover for loss to clothing, jewellery, cameras and personal effects if travelling within Australia or the Pacific Islands for less than 30 days in total.

Legal liability

Legal liability cover of up to $2 million if you accidentally damage someone else’s property, or up to $1 million if you cause bodily injury. This also includes court ordered reparation.

Optional benefit - spectacles or contact lenses

We won't ask you to pay any excess when you claim solely for loss to your spectacles, prescription sunglasses or contact lenses (but not disposable contact lenses) when they’re either lost or damaged.

Built-in special benefits

Business tools

Cover up to $1,000 for business tools which aren't covered by another insurance policy.

Children’s contents

Cover for your children’s things left at your house while they’re overseas. These items are included in the sum insured you select.

Contents in storage

Limited cover, up to $50,000 cover for your belongings while they’re in a commercial storage facility, up to six months

Home office

Up to $15,000 for loss of your home office furniture or equipment you normally use in the home to earn an income.

Contents in transit

Limited cover, up to $50,000 for your contents while they’re on the move from one permanent address to another. This option covers loss or damage caused by the transporting vehicle having a fire, colliding, overturning or being broken into.

Alternative accommodation

Our standard cover of up to $25,000 if your house suffers loss or damage to the extent that you can’t live in it (and we’ve accepted your claim). You can increase this to up to $50,000.

This covers the cost of temporary accommodation for you, your family who live with you, and your pets.


The excess is the amount that you pay for each claim. The standard excess for contents insurance is $250, but you can select a higher option and this will lower your premiums. You'll need to make sure you select an excess that's affordable if you need to make a claim.

Payment options

You can choose the payment option that suits your needs – direct debit or credit card. And you can pay your premiums fortnightly, monthly or yearly.