Balance transfer calculator

Use our balance transfer calculator below to help you figure out whether you’ll save money by transferring the balance of your other bank’s credit card or store card to a Kiwibank Credit Card.

This is a guide only. The calculated savings are an example of what you could save – they’re based on your transferred balance being repaid at 5% per month, and assume your current bank’s repayment rate is set at 2%. Using this calculator doesn’t constitute an offer or quote from Kiwibank.

Pay   interest for 6 months on your old credit card balance when you transfer it to any Kiwibank Credit Card. Apply online for a new credit card, or call us on 0800 521 521 to transfer to an existing credit card.

How it works

  • You can choose any Kiwibank Credit Card from our range of low interest cards or Air New Zealand Airpoints credit cards.
  • You’ll need to transfer at least $200 from another card to qualify.
  • Once your transfer is approved, we’ll pay off your old credit or store card and send you your new Kiwibank card.
  • You’ll pay interest at   on that transferred balance for six months – after six months, any remaining balance will be charged interest at the usual rate for the card you’ve chosen.

Interest rates subject to change. Interest free period does not apply to cash advances or balance transfers.

Balance Transfers

The special balance transfer interest rate applies to the balance transferred from another bank credit or store card and is available for existing and new Kiwibank customers. Minimum balance transfer amount is $200. This offer is not available on existing Kiwibank Credit Card balances or business credit cards. Transfers are subject to your Kiwibank approved credit limit. If the amount requested to be transferred exceeds your credit limit, Kiwibank may process a lesser amount up to your credit limit. After six months your balance transfer will be treated as a purchase and our standard interest rate for purchases will apply. That rate will also apply to any new purchases you make on your card. If you have more than one balance transfer, payments applied to balance transfers will be applied to the balance transfer with the lowest interest rate first.

Lending criteria, terms and conditions and fees apply.