Moving to Visa - frequently asked questions

We've pulled together some handy information to help you understand the changes.

Making the change to Visa

Why is my available balance and balance owing on my Mastercard showing as $0.00?

When we send your new Visa card, we'll transfer your available balance and the amount you owe on your Mastercard to your new Visa. This means you'll have a zero balance on your Mastercard.

You can keep using your Mastercard until your Visa arrives - it will still work even though your balance and transactions show on your Visa.

When can I expect my card?

You'll get a new Visa card in the next few months. We’ll contact you by email or letter a few weeks before we send your card.

If that time doesn’t suit, call our specialist team on 0800 528 472 and we can arrange to send it at a different time.

Will I get a new Visa before my Mastercard expires?

Yes, we’ll send you a Visa to replace your old card in plenty of time before it expires.

I’ve lost my Mastercard, can I have it replaced?

Yes, we’ll replace your card but it will be with a Visa not a Mastercard.

What are the key differences between my old Mastercard credit card and my new Visa card?

Your Visa card will have new details including a different card number and expiry date on the front and three-digit security number on the back.

There are no changes to your terms and conditions, credit limit, features and benefits, interest rates and fees, or how you use your card.

Why is my card number changing?

Your card number will change because Visa credit card numbers start with a different set of digits from Mastercard cards. Your new Visa card will also have a different expiry date and security number (three digits on the back).

Do I need to change how I pay my credit card bill?

You can keep making payments through internet banking, the mobile app, direct debit, in person or over the phone. If you have a direct debit set up to pay what you owe each month, you don't need to update this, even if it comes from another bank. It'll automatically carry across to your new Visa.

Have a look at How to pay your credit card for more information about payment options.

Can I keep my current Mastercard and have the Visa card too?

No, you won’t be able to keep both cards. Your Mastercard will stop working approximately one month from the date the Visa is sent to you.

If the Visa card isn’t right for you or your financial situation has or is about to change give our specialist team a call on 0800 528 472 and we can talk through your options.

What happens to the balance transfer I have on my Mastercard?

This automatically carries over to the Visa. Remember, if you have a balance transfer any repayments made to your credit card will be applied to fees and charges accrued first, then balance transfers, cash advances and purchases with a special or promotional interest rate, followed by standard purchases charged at the normal interest rate.

What happens if I need a refund for something I paid for with my Mastercard?

Ask the merchant to pay the refund back to your Mastercard and we’ll make sure the refund goes to your credit card account when the payment comes through. If the merchant can’t put the refund onto your Mastercard, then ask them to put it onto your new Visa card.

Get your Visa card up and running

What do I need to do when I get my new card?

Activate your card and update any regular payments e.g. insurance, power. Check the letter that comes with your new Visa for instructions on how to activate your card.

Can I keep using my existing PIN?

In most cases yes. We'll let you know this in the letter that comes with your card. Alternatively, call our specialist team on 0800 528 472.

What happens to the regular payments going out from my current Mastercard?

You’ll need to update these payments because your new Visa card will have different details from your Mastercard. When your Visa card arrives you’ll need to provide your new card details to anyone you make regular payments to, like your insurance or power provider. To get started, check out some common examples.

When will my Mastercard stop working?

We'll let you know the exact date on the letter that comes with your card. Your old card will continue to work for at least one month after your Visa is sent. This will give you time to activate it and update any regular payments.

Will I have two credit limits until my Mastercard stops working?

No, you'll only have one credit limit. The credit limit on your Mastercard will carry over to the Visa when we send you your new Visa card.

Will I automatically see my Visa quick balance in the Kiwibank mobile app?

No, you’ll need to update your ‘quick balance’ settings, once you see your Visa appear in the mobile app.

  1. Log in to the app
  2. Go to 'Settings' on the main side menu bar
  3. Click 'Quick balances’
  4. Select your Visa, and deselect the Mastercard. Your Mastercard will now be showing a balance of $0, and all your transactions will show on your Visa. You'll still see your Mastercard in your mobile app until the date it stops working.

Card features and benefits

Will my credit card repayment insurance carry over to my new Visa?

Any existing cover you have will remain in place and automatically carry over. The way you claim won't change either.

What happens to existing bookings I’ve made with my Mastercard, like hotel bookings?

Nothing should change if you've already paid for your booking. If you've provided your Mastercard details but haven't paid yet, you should check what you need to do with the hotel or wherever you made the booking. They should be able to help you update the card number on your booking to the Visa.

Will travel bookings I’ve made on my Mastercard Gold or Air New Zealand Airpoints™ Platinum Mastercard continue to be covered by the overseas travel insurance benefit?

Yes, if you've met the eligibility conditions and still hold a Kiwibank Platinum Visa (replaces Mastercard Gold) or Air New Zealand Airpoints Platinum Visa (replaces Air New Zealand Airpoints Platinum Mastercard) with the overseas travel insurance benefit. You can check the eligibility conditions or call Tower Insurance Limited on 0800 845 010.

Where can I use Visa?

Visa is accepted worldwide – in store, online and at ATMs.


Will I get two statements – one for my new Visa card and one for my Mastercard until it’s closed?

No, you’ll only get one statement which will include any transactions you made with both the Mastercard and Visa. Once the Mastercard is closed your statement will show only your Visa transactions.

Will I be able to see my old Mastercard statements?

Yes, you’ll be able to see all your old Mastercard statements in internet banking through the Statement Vault.

Air New Zealand Airpoints credit cards

What does this change mean for me if I have an Air New Zealand Airpoints credit card?

Your card will be swapped from a Mastercard to a new Visa card. There's no change to the Air New Zealand and Kiwibank partnership or the features and benefits on your new Air New Zealand Airpoints Visa card.

What will happen to my Airpoints Dollars™ balance?

Your Airpoints Dollars balance won’t change.

What Airpoints Dollars and Status Points earn rates will I get?

The Airpoints Dollars and Status Points earn rates on eligible purchases on your Air New Zealand Airpoints Visa card stay the same.

Are there any changes to Air New Zealand Lounge eVouchers?

There’s no change to your accumulated spend towards Air New Zealand Lounge eVouchers and it will be carried across to your new Air New Zealand Airpoints Standard Visa or Air New Zealand Airpoints Platinum Visa. You’ll keep any Lounge eVouchers you’ve already earned until they expire.

Business Mastercards

Are Business Mastercard credit cards also changing to Visa?

Your Business Mastercard isn’t changing yet. This card will eventually move over to Visa and we’ll let you know before anything changes.

Connecting to your Xero feed

I use Xero for my accounting, do I need to update my card details there?

You don't need to do anything to update your details because your transactions will continue to feed directly into Xero. If you have any questions about this, please contact Xero support.

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