How to make a change

  • You can change your credit limit by logging into internet banking, clicking on your credit card account and going to ‘Additional options & details’.
  • To move your balance from another credit card, call us on 0800 521 521 or log in to internet banking and securely email our Online Customer Service team with the change details.
  • If you'd like to switch to another Kiwibank Credit Card or would like to add another cardholder, call us on 0800 521 521 or visit your local Kiwibank. Alternatively, download and complete the Credit card update form (PDF 188.9 KB) and email it back to us. You’ll find the freepost address at the end of the form.

Updating your card details

Automatically updating credit card details

When your credit card expires and you get a replacement, the new card will have different details - numbers, expiration date, CVC etc.

In the past, if you had regular payments coming out of your credit card, say to your gym, power company or Netflix, or you'd saved your details with an online retailer, you would have had to notify those companies of your new details. If you didn't update your details, then your transactions would have been declined.

Now, with Mastercard credit cards, as long as the company you are dealing with has signed up to automatic updates, your payments can continue without you having to do anything.

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