How do I know if a retailer accepts Mastercard® Contactless™?

You can use Contactless anywhere you see the Mastercard Contactless logo, here and overseas. You can still use your card at millions of locations worldwide that don't have Contactless by inserting or swiping it.

How close does my card need to be to the reader?

Very close – you should tap your card within a couple of centimetres of the contactless symbol on the reader.

How do I know when a payment has been made?

You’ll hear a beep and either ‘accepted’ or ‘declined’ will be displayed on the reader.

Can I use my card at retailers that accept Mastercard but don't have Mastercard Contactless terminals?

Yes. Insert or swipe your card just like you do now, then sign or enter your PIN.

Do I need to select credit when I pay using Mastercard Contactless?

You don't need to press any buttons – your credit card account will be charged automatically.

For transactions over $80, or when a retailer doesn't have a Contactless reader, you’ll need to press credit and sign or enter a PIN.

Are there any extra fees for using Mastercard Contactless?

No. You won't be charged any extra for using Mastercard Contactless to pay for your purchases.

Will I receive a receipt for my Contactless transactions?

You won't get one automatically, but you can ask for one.

How will Contactless transactions display on my statement?

Contactless transactions will show on your statement just like any other transaction you make with your card.

Do I have to use Contactless for transactions under $80?

Contactless can't be turned off, but you can choose to pay by inserting or swiping your card instead.

Can I still use my credit card for online purchases, even if they’re less than $80?

Yes. Use your card as usual when you’re buying things online.

How should I look after my card?

Contactless cards have an antenna built into the plastic, so try not to bend your card a lot.

Can I make a Contactless transaction on any of Kiwibank’s Credit Cards?

No – only cards with a Contactless logo on them.

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