The tyranny of distance didn’t stop the pioneers, and it doesn’t stop the hundreds of thousands of Kiwis who head overseas each year.

If you’re planning a trip remember, it’s not just about the destination, or even the journey, it’s also about working out how on earth you’re going to pay for it all.

Before you take off

A big part of travelling is getting your budget right from the get-go. Whether you’re backpacking or five star, it might add up to more than you expect.

When you're away

Kiwibank has a couple of easy ways to pay for things you need (and just plain want) before, during or after your travel.

Pay as you go

Visa Debit Card

Use your Visa Debit Card around the world to access money direct from your Kiwibank account. Subject to currency conversion rates and fees. Not available on all accounts.

Pay later

Air New Zealand Airpoints™ credit cards

Every eligible purchase* you make adds up to more Airpoints Dollars™ (see Conditions at bottom of page for description of eligible purchases) for your next trip.

Platinum Visa and Air New Zealand Airpoints™ Platinum Visa

Gives you flexibility for bigger purchases. If you travel overseas, you’ll get built-in travel insurance for you and any immediate family travelling with you, simply by purchasing your travel and/or accommodation with your Platinum Visa or Air New Zealand Airpoints™ Platinum Visa before leaving New Zealand.

Pre-holiday prep

Use our mobile app to let us know you’ll be going overseas. Just go to Settings, click on Overseas Travel and add a tip. That way we’ll know it’s you making transactions overseas.

Also have a think about whether you want to give someone you trust power of attorney to act in your name and run your affairs while overseas (e.g. pay bills, access your accounts).

A few extra tips

Check out travel advisories for the countries you’re travelling to.

Make copies of your passport, tickets, itinerary, and insurance. Keep a copy for yourself and leave one with someone you know (and trust) at home.

Find out more about Kiwibank's Visa Debit Card and credit cards.

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Foreign Currency Conversion

When Kiwibank converts foreign currency to New Zealand Dollars, or converts New Zealand Dollars into foreign currency, Kiwibank makes money on the foreign currency conversion rates.

Air New Zealand Airpoints Credit Card

Lending criteria, terms and conditions, and fees apply. Interest rates, fees and limits subject to change. See all credit card terms and conditions.

Kiwibank is the issuer of the Air New Zealand Airpoints credit cards. Airpoints terms and conditions apply. See for details.

*Eligible purchases excludes fees or interest, balance transfers, credit card repayment insurance, gambling chips, money orders, travellers cheques or foreign currencies in cash, cash advances or cash withdrawals made from an ATM, or any transaction that is reversed, refunded or charged back.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance for Kiwibank Credit Cards is provided by Tower Insurance Limited, and Tower Insurance Limited is solely responsible for any claims under the policy. Kiwibank Limited does not guarantee the obligations of, or any products provided by, Tower Insurance Limited. Important terms, conditions and exclusions are set out in the Travel Insurance for Kiwibank Credit Cards policy wording.