We have a formal partnership with Grey Power, where we pay them a commission for every dollar a Grey Power member or the Grey Power Federation deposits with us.

How you can support Grey Power

If you’re a Kiwibank customer and a Grey Power member, and want to be included in our commission support of Grey Power, you need to let us know.

You can notify us of your Grey Power membership by downloading and completing a Grey Power commission form (PDF 26.6 KB). Drop the form into your nearest Kiwibank or send it to us in the post. See our postal address.

If you’re planning on opening a new Kiwibank account and want to support Grey Power, you’ll need to let us know you’re a Grey Power member. Please print off and complete a copy of the Grey Power notification form (PDF 24.3 KB) and bring it with you when you come in to open your account.

More about Kiwibank and Grey Power

If you'd like to know more about the Grey Power and Kiwibank partnership, please email greypower@kiwibank.co.nz or ask at your local or national Grey Power office.