You love your friends, family, co-workers, teammates… actually, you kinda love everyone, and everyone loves you! For you, money is a way to connect with people, throw great parties, and basically have a good time with the folk around you. You’re the person that spends a little too much on the office Secret Santa – but it’s worth it just to see their reaction – and you probably bring more than expected to the potluck. While it’s all good to spend your money on the people in your life, make sure you’re also tucking some away for you – your future, your security, and the stuff you want to do for yourself!

But just because you have a primary money personality it doesn’t mean you act the same way all the time. All the personalities can be in “spender” mode or “saver” mode – but the motivations and the strategies to achieve your goal might be different. The trick is to learn when you’re in spender or saver mode, and having the self-awareness to judge if that’s where you need to be at the moment.

We may dabble in different money personality behaviours throughout our lives - during different stages and circumstances - but our money personality stays the same - a Sociable Sharer is always a Sociable Sharer at heart. Our priorities may change from wanting a good time to wanting a house but the way we get there (or don’t get there) is still controlled by our money personality.

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Security Saver

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Freedom Seeker

Money is the tool you use to have experiences, travel, and get great stories to tell the grandkids one day. While you might spend large while....

Power Spender

You love shopping, and spending money is as much about how it makes you feel as to what you buy. You’ll browse the shops...