For you, spending is about feeling good, and you’re more likely to spend on things rather than experiences. You might have a taste for quality, or the first one among all your mates to get the new gizmo. Or maybe you love grabbing that perfect bargain on Trade Me, or just popping that one extra thing on credit because it’s “too good to miss!”. However you’re spending your money, it’s likely that the real reason you’re shopping is because it gives you a buzz and, hey, life’s too short to go without!

There’s nothing wrong with splashing out and making yourself feel like a Kardashian, but make sure that you know the difference between “good debt” and “bad debt”, and don’t let your feelings encourage you to spend money when you really can’t afford to!

But just because you have a primary money personality it doesn’t mean you act the same way all the time. All the personalities can be in “spender” mode or “saver” mode – but the motivations and the strategies to achieve your goal might be different. The trick is to learn when you’re in spender or saver mode, and having the self-awareness to judge if that’s where you need to be at the moment.

We may dabble in different money personality behaviours throughout our lives - during different stages and circumstances - but our money personality stays the same - a Power Spender is always a Power Spender at heart. Our priorities may change from wanting a good time to wanting a house but the way we get there (or don’t get there) is still controlled by our money personality.

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