Studying this year?

Don’t let the Aussie-owned banks tempt you with giveaways that don’t add real value. When you join us, you’re choosing 100% Kiwi-owned. We care about looking after our people, our country and our environment. You can count on us to reinvest here, not send profits off to who-knows-where. So what do you say, are you in?

Why choose a Kiwibank Tertiary account

Save money on banking while you’re at uni, polytech or doing your apprenticeship with our Tertiary Pack. It’ll help you manage your everyday spending with handy stuff like an everyday transaction account, a low rate overdraft and money tips if you need it.

  • No account management or transaction fees on your everyday accounts. (Service fees may apply).

  • Get a flat account with a Visa Debit Card or an EFTPOS card for you and one other flatmate. No account management or transaction fees (Service fees may apply).

  • Get a Visa Debit Card and the $10 annual fee is waived while you’re on the Tertiary Pack.

  • You can apply for a low rate, fee free overdraft of up to $1,000 in your first year and up to $2,000 in your second and subsequent years.

  • You can apply for a Low Rate Mastercard® with a limit of up to $500. No account fee for the first year if you’re taking up a Kiwibank Credit Card for the first time.

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Eligibility & entitlements

To be eligible for the Tertiary Pack, you must be studying full or part–time at a New Zealand University, Polytech, Industry Training Organisation or NZQA approved place of study for a minimum of one year.

To be eligible for a Kiwibank Low Rate Mastercard or overdraft, you need to be aged 18 or over, be a permanent New Zealand resident, have a good credit history, have any income paid into your Kiwibank account. You must also meet Kiwibank's credit and lending criteria.