What’s happening?

Kiwibank has taken a proactive stance to check our compliance with the Holidays Act and found we were not compliant in some areas and exceeded the Act in other areas. To meet our obligations to both current and former employees, we established a remediation programme to recalculate leave payments and fix our current systems and processes to achieve compliance. The latter was completed late 2018, and we’re now ready to make remediation payments. We’re now contacting former employees who are impacted, asking them to submit their details so remediation payments can be made.

If you haven’t received a letter from us, or have changed your address since you left Kiwibank or Kiwi Wealth (previously Gareth Morgan Investments), please fill out an online claim form and we’ll check and see if you’re entitled to a payment.

More information

We’ve got answers to frequently asked questions and more information about what’s happening and why on our Holidays Act Remediation Portal.