What is KeepSafe?

KeepSafe is an online question and answer based authentication tool. You’ll set it up the first time you log in to internet banking, and each time you log in after that you’ll need to answer a KeepSafe question to access your accounts.

Using KeepSafe gives you significant security advantages compared with using access number and password security only. It gives you added protection from key-stroke loggers, and because the added security occurs when you log instead of at the time of each transaction, it helps lock out potential fraudsters from the start, protecting your privacy as well as your cash.

How it works

When you set it up, you’ll choose or create at least three sets of questions and answers. We give you some preset questions you can use, and provide your own personal answers to, or you can make up questions yourself. Make sure the questions you choose are ones you can easily remember the answer to (including spelling), because each time you log in to internet banking, you’ll have to answer one of the questions.

Your answer will be shown as empty boxes, two of which will be highlighted. You’ll need to fill in the two highlighted boxes with the correct characters. In the example below, if the correct answer is ‘KIWIBANK’, the characters you’d need to insert would be ‘I’ and then ‘A’. The answer to this question is intentionally predictable, however when setting up your own KeepSafe, we recommend choosing questions with answers that only you will know.

Instead of typing the characters in from your keyboard, you’ll need to use the letters or numbers on the screen – using your mouse, click on the character you want to put into the selected box. Once you’ve entered both characters, click ‘Proceed’.

KeepSafe has been designed to provide added protection from spyware. Spyware can be placed on your computer without your consent or knowledge from anywhere in the world, allowing offenders to steal your internet banking details.

How to change your questions and answers

If you want to change your questions and answers, log in to internet banking and go to the settings tab at the top of the screen; select ‘KeepSafe’ from underneath the Security settings heading. Make sure you select questions and answers that are easy to remember and easy to spell!

If you can’t remember the answer to your question when you’re trying to log in to internet banking, you’ll need to contact us to reset your answer.

It's important to remember:

  • We'll never ask you what your questions are.
  • We'll never ask you for the full answers to your questions.
  • You must choose questions and answers that are unique to you. Don't choose questions where the answers can be found with a simple internet search or by gaining information about you from social media.
  • Make sure you only access internet banking through the Kiwibank website.
  • The URL for our internet banking login page should always be https://www.ib.kiwibank.co.nz. If it's anything other than this, don't proceed with logging on and contact us.
  • You should never be able to type in your KeepSafe answer using your computer keyboard. KeepSafe answers should only ever be keyed in using the virtual keyboard on screen.

Need more help?

If you’re having trouble using KeepSafe or just want to know more about it, check out our most frequently asked questions.

KeepSafe FAQs & troubleshooting