Do your banking on the go

Quick balance

Set up quick balance in the app to get your balances at a glance or through Siri – without having to login on your phone or wearable device.

Refix your home loan

If you've got a Kiwibank Home Loan, you can choose to refix or switch to a variable rate when it's up for renewal right from the app.

Facial recognition

Login to the app using fingerprint or facial recognition on compatible devices.

Personalise your accounts

Personalise your accounts with your favourite photos. This could even be a photo of your savings goals.

Other things you can do in the app:

  • Open or close accounts

  • Order or cancel an EFTPOS card or Visa Debit Card

  • Change or reset your internet banking password

  • Make and repeat payments

  • Block or unblock your credit card

  • Send a secure mail

  • View your account history

  • Set goals using Goal Tracker

  • Change your KeepSafe security questions

Download and get going

Our mobile app is free to download, you just need to be a Kiwibank customer. You don't need to have internet banking either - but you can register for it completely from the app if you want.

It's available on Apple iOS version 9.3 or above and Android OS version 4.1 or above, including fingerprint and facial recognition login on compatible devices. You can also use certain features on your Apple Watch or Android Wear Watch.

Join the bank for Kiwis

You can join Kiwibank online, in branch or over the phone. To complete your application, you'll just need to verify your identity and address. You can do this online if you've got a RealMe verified identity. Otherwise, you'll need to bring two forms of ID and proof of address to your nearest Kiwibank.

Join now

Safe and secure

We have two online authentication services that provide an extra layer of security when you're using our mobile app.


KeepSafe is an online question and answer based authentication tool. You'll set it up the first time you login to internet banking, and each time you login after that you'll need to answer a KeepSafe question to access your accounts.

Two factor authentication

When you make certain types of transactions within our mobile app, you'll be sent a one-time PIN to your mobile to enable your transaction to be completed. This is to ensure it's you that has requested the transaction.

Other ways we're protecting you

  • Monitoring unusual activity on your accounts
  • Timing out your mobile app session after four minutes of inactivity
  • Blocking your access to online banking if your four digit PIN has been entered incorrectly three times.
Read more about how we protect you online

Mobile app help

Forgotten your PIN?

You can reset your PIN by opening the app and going to 'Login Help' then selecting 'Reset my password'.

Can't remember your KeepSafe answers?

You can reset your KeepSafe questions within the app or internet banking. You can also call our Customer Service Centre. Make sure you choose questions with answers that are easy to remember and easy to spell.

If you're having technical issues with your KeepSafe, our trouble shooting guide steps you through some solution to common problems.


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