Account fees

The following are the fees you pay to have a Business Mastercard®:

Account fee $6.25 per quarter, per card.

Service fees

The following are the fees and costs you pay for services on a Business Mastercard:

Card replacement fee

When you ask for a replacement credit card.


Cash advance fee

When you withdraw or transfer money from your available credit card balance.

Internet Banking Cash Advance.


Domestic Cash Advance (ATM and over the counter)

$1 per transaction.

Overseas Cash Advance (ATMs and overseas banks and financial institutions over the counter).

$6 per transaction.

When you need an emergency cash advance overseas without a card.

$52 per request.

Other banks may charge an additional fee.

Contact Centre and/or automated phone banking high use fee (applies across all your banking)

When you use our automated phone banking and/or contact centre.

Free for business banking calls to 0800 601 601. For all other calls, free for first five calls per month then:

  • $5 per call to a customer service representative; or
  • $0.50 per call to the automated phone banking system.

Disputed item fee

When you dispute an item and the item was in fact correctly charged.

$25 per item.

International transaction fee

When you use your credit card for a foreign currency transaction.

1.85% of the New Zealand dollar amount once converted. This will show on your internet banking and the mobile app as:

  • Currency Conv Assessment 1.0%
  • Foreign Currency Txn Fee 0.85%

Internet banking access


Investigation fee

When you ask us to investigate something about your credit card.

$60 per hour. Minimum fee $15.

Late payment fee

When your minimum payment isn’t received by us on or before the payment date shown in your monthly statement.

$3 per late payment.

Please note when your monthly statement shows an amount due immediately, any payment you make will be applied to this amount before being applied to your minimum payment. This means that you must pay both amounts to avoid being charged this fee.

Over limit fee

When you exceed your maximum credit limit.

$5 each month in which your balance has exceeded your maximum credit limit.

Replacement or urgent card fee

When you ask us for a replacement credit card.

$10 per request.

In addition when you ask us for an urgent delivery to a New Zealand address:

  • $25 per request for delivery within the metro areas of Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch or Dunedin; or
  • the applicable courier costs will apply for delivery anywhere else in NZ


In addition when you are travelling and ask us for an urgent delivery to an overseas address:

  • $52 per request
  • Additional courier costs may apply in some circumstances

Statement copy fee

When you ask for a copy of a monthly statement.

$5 per statement.

Urgent cleared funds fee

When you ask for funds to be cleared quicker.

$25 per clearance.

Voucher copy fee

When you ask for a copy of a sales voucher.

$15 per voucher.

Mastercard is the registered trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. Kiwibank’s lending criteria, terms and conditions, and fees apply. Contactless and Tap & Go are trademarks of Mastercard International Incorporated. Fees effective as at 1 April 2016.