How it works

Kiwibank QuickPay is a secure smartphone app that works in conjunction with the Kiwibank QuickPay device. Using the app and the device, you’ll be able to take card payments on the spot, create an online catalogue for your business; issue paperless receipts, quotes, and invoices; and access transaction history or set up reports at the touch of a button.

Accept Visa, Mastercard, and EFTPOS payments in three easy ways:

Tap & go

Contactless cards are a breeze. But if a transaction is over $200, your customer will need to enter their PIN.

Chip & dip

Simply insert your customer's card into the device. Your customer will then need to enter their PIN.


Just swipe your customer’s card through the reader and get them to enter their PIN.

Getting paid on the go has never been easier

Multiple users

Anyone in your business can use Kiwibank QuickPay to collect payments, view transactions, issue invoices, and change your product catalogue depending on their user status. You can easily add/edit or remove users. To add a new user, you’ll need to invite them, they’ll be sent an email asking them to download the app and register their details - easy!

Product catalogue

Take photos of your products and services and upload them to your very own product catalogue. Tailor it to your business by adding the name, price, description, image and discount. Your catalogue gives you quick access to everything your business has to offer. And it calculates purchase totals, saving you time.

Shopping cart

Checkout is fast and easy. Simply select the items and quantity, complete the sale, and the product information is included on the digital receipt. The app does it all for you, just like magic.

Pay now & new payment

'Pay now' and 'New payment' are the fastest ways to accept card and record cash payments within the QuickPay app. For card payments, simply enter the amount and click ‘Pay’. Then your customer inserts, swipes, or taps their card to pay you on the spot. Easy!

Digital receipts, quotes & invoices

Create personalised and branded quotes, invoices and receipts and email direct to your customer at the touch of a button. And converting quotes and invoices to payments couldn't be quicker! Plus, you'll sleep better knowing that you're doing your bit to save our forests by going digital.

Reports & history

Keep an eye on your business with daily, weekly, and monthly transaction reports. You can find previous invoices, process refunds, and resend receipts all within the Kiwibank QuickPay app.

Getting set up

  • Complete the Kiwibank QuickPay application form (PDF 143.9 KB).

  • Once we’ve approved your application, your device will be couriered to you with instructions on how to get set up. Download either the Kiwibank QuickPay User Guide iCMP (PDF 1.0 MB) or the Kiwibank QuickPay User Guide Link 2500 (PDF 1015.6 KB).

  • Download the Kiwibank QuickPay mobile app, it’s compatible with Apple (iOS9 +) and Android (5.0 +) smartphones with a resolution of at least 540 x 960 pixels, and for Android a screen size of at least 5 inches.

  • Follow the pairing instructions to activate the Kiwibank QuickPay device.

  • You're ready to start getting paid on the go!

Having trouble getting set up?

What it costs

You’ll need to be a Kiwibank Business Banking Customer and be approved for a merchant facility with Kiwibank.

Set up fees
Device set up - first device $49
Device set up - additional device $25
Monthly fees
Support fee per device $29
Merchant service fee 2.90%
Device replacement fee $150
Start the application process

Kiwibank QuickPay® terms and conditions (PDF 250.7 KB) and eligibility criteria apply. Subject to credit criteria and merchant services terms. Kiwibank QuickPay is only available for business banking purposes. The Kiwibank QuickPay name and logo are registered trade marks of Kiwibank Limited.

Fees and charges apply. Eftpos, Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards only. Data connection needed. Compatible with Apple devices that support operating system iOS 9 (iPhone 5) and above and Android smartphones that support Android 5.0 Lollipop and above. iPhone and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc, registered in the U.S. and other countries. Android is a registered trademark of Google Inc.

Mastercard is a registered trade mark of Mastercard International Incorporated.

Merchant service fee of 2.90% of the total monthly net $ value (i.e. monthly sales transactions less refund transactions) of Visa and Mastercard transactions (including Visa PayWave and Mastercard PayPass transactions) processed through the Kiwibank QuickPay device. The Merchant service fees will be calculated monthly at the end of each calendar month, and are payable by you on the 15th of the subsequent calendar month. Should the 15th of the month fall on a day which is not a banking day, the fees will be payable on the next banking day.

Funds will be paid into your bank account on the next banking day. See the Kiwibank Merchant Agreement (PDF 258.4 KB) for details.