Why working capital?

  • Fund gaps in business cashflow and inventory, to support operational activities

  • Our Trade Services specialists will assist with your business needs

  • Flexible finance options

How it works

Working capital is the management of cash in your business lifecycle, for the time between manufacturing the product (or service) to when you receive payment from your customers.

Types of working capital

Working capital solutions range from overdrafts to more complex facilities like trade finance.

Trade Finance

Trade finance is used for financing commercial and international trade related activities. Trade finance products are generally used to:

  • provide some certainty around international payments
  • cover the cost of products (or services) until they are sold
  • finance a specific order or invoice.


An overdraft can be used to cover gaps with supply and payment, or if you need to purchase goods in advance. An overdraft remains active so you can use it whenever you need it. There are no fixed repayments and you’ll only pay interest on what you use.

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