If you don’t have internet banking for business, call us on 0800 601 601.

Here are some of the most common questions we're asked about internet banking for business. If your question isn't here, give us a call on 0800 601 601, or flick us a secure mail inside internet banking for business.

How do I add a staff member or signatory to my account?

There are three kinds of user you can add to your account:

Authority to operate

Someone with authority to operate is a signatory on the account. They can make payments and call Kiwibank to discuss your accounts.

To add a signatory, you’ll need to send a signed request to the business banking team by email, post or fax. The request needs to include the signatory’s:

  • full name
  • date of birth
  • address
  • phone number.

If your account takes two authorities to withdraw, then any two of the current signatories will need to sign the request.

Data entry user

A data entry user can log into internet banking for business, view transaction history and create pending payments from your accounts. You’ll still need to log in and authorise the payments they create.

Data view only user

A data view only user can see your accounts and transactions in internet banking for business, but can’t initiate payments or change any details — this is useful for people like accountants who may need access to your transaction history.

To add a data entry or data view only user in internet banking for business:

  • go to “settings”
  • go to “manage data users”
  • go to “add a data user” and follow the instructions.

You can allow data entry and data view only users access to all your accounts or a select few. You manage these users — they don’t have the authority to call us to discuss the accounts.

How can I view my Business Mastercard® in internet banking for business?

A Business Mastercard is issued in the holder’s name rather than the business’s, so they don’t appear in your business account list by default. To see your Business Mastercard in internet banking for business:

  • go to “settings”
  • go to “manage transactional users”
  • go to “manage credit card account access”
  • click “edit” and change the access level from “no access” to “access”
  • click “next page” and then “update account access”.
Why is my transfer or payment asking for authorisation?

You may require a second person to authorise your transaction, or your transaction limit may be too low. Call us on 0800 601 601 and we can check the settings on your account.

Why is there no option for me to approve a payment?

The payment might be past its due date. If a payment isn’t authorised before the date it’s due to be made, it will expire. You’ll need to delete the payment and set it up again.

If the payment hasn’t expired, call us on 0800 601 601.

Why can’t I amend an automatic payment?

If your account needs two signatories to withdraw, you can’t amend automatic payments. You’ll need to delete the payment and set it up again.

If you don’t have a two-to-sign account, please call 0800 601 601 and we’ll check your settings.

I transferred funds to someone by accident — what now?

Call us — we can try and recover the funds for you, although we can’t guarantee we’ll be able to. There’s a charge of $20 if the payment in error was made to a Kiwibank account and $45 if the payment in error was made to an account at another bank — regardless of the outcome.

How do I set up batch uploads on my account?

Call us on 0800 601 601 — you’ll need to be an owner of the business.

What’s the format for batch uploads?

We deal with most of the major accounting packages used in New Zealand, including:

  • Access Payroll
  • IMS Payroll
  • Payroll Parters
  • Xero
  • MYOB

Most accounting packages have a format called GIFTS (or sometimes BNZ GIFTS) — you can use this format to create a file our system can accept.

Why is my batch upload failing?

Take a note of the error message and call us on 0800 601 601 — we can analyse the problem from the error description.

Why hasn’t my account been debited for my bulk payment yet?

If the payment was set up to run at “end of day”, your account will be debited around 9pm on the due date.

If the payment was set to “send now”, your account will be debited on the next file run to other banks — these are hourly between 9am and 9pm on business days.

If you’re a data entry user on the account, someone with authority to operate (or two people for two-to-sign accounts) needs to approve your payment before it can be processed.

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