Fast, easy, business overdraft applications

We’re on a mission to help Kiwi businesses grow – whether you want more working capital, to invest in inventory, fund receivables or hire more staff.

The online application helps you apply for funds without completing lengthy application forms. It’s a simple process completed in a few minutes.

Getting started

You'll need to be new to Kiwibank, be the director of a registered company and have a Xero account to apply, just follow the below steps:

If you don't have a Xero account or you're an existing customer and require finanical support due to COVID-19, the best way to contact us, is to fill out our support form.

  1. Start the application
  2. Search and select your company
  3. Tell us about yourself and your company by entering some contact details
  4. Provide your company's overdraft requirements
  5. Authorise us to access your Xero information
  6. Go and have a cup of tea, because you’re done

We'll be in touch with our decision and confirmation of what happens next.

Accessing your Xero data

When you make an online application, you authorise us to access your Xero data, which we use to make lending decisions. The diagram below shows how this works:

Frequently asked questions

I just applied, what happens next?

After you apply, our system performs detailed calculations using your Xero data and makes a lending decision. We'll be in touch soon after to advise of that decision and discuss what you'll need to do next.

Which product is being applied for?

An unsecured business overdraft. We'll be in touch to discuss what you'll need to do next once a decision has been made. Read more about overdrafts.

How long do you keep my data for?

Your Xero information will only be used for the purpose of the application. We’ll store your data in accordance with our privacy policy. We’ll have access to your Xero account until you manually revoke access in your Xero settings.

See more in our privacy policy and website terms.

Where and how is my data stored?

Information about this can be found in our privacy policy.

Can I control the information given to the Kiwibank?

The data provided to us is sourced directly from your Xero account, which you must authorise by providing your Xero credentials. Make sure your Xero data is accurate and up to date as this is the information we'll be using to make our decision.

After you’ve completed the application, you can manually revoke access to your Xero data within your Xero settings. We’ll store your data in accordance with our privacy policy.