To us, that means:

  • we support our communities

  • we help Kiwis take control of their money

  • we look after our people, our country and our environment.

Our work in this area has been recognised, for example at the 2013 NZI National Sustainable Business Network Awards. Together with Nga Tangata Microfinance Trust, we took out the overall award for our joint project working to break the poverty cycle in South Auckland.

Got a suggestion for something we could do to make New Zealand a better place? We’d love to hear from you — send your feedback and ideas to

Supporting communities

We support organisations, groups and individuals who are making New Zealand a better place for all of us — and we’re doing a bit ourselves.

We’re helping more Kiwis into better homes

We know that owning a home that is healthier and more efficient is really important to a lot of people, so we:

  • make it easier for you to get a solar, small wind or mini hydro power system for your home with a Sustainable Energy Loan
  • work with Pure Advantage to create awareness around the green growth opportunities that New Zealand has by sharing inspiring stories
  • help first home buyers get into their own homes, even if they don’t have a 20% deposit, with Welcome Home Loans
  • make it easier to borrow to build a home on collectively-owned Māori land with Kāinga Whenua loans.

We’re helping where it’s needed

We believe all Kiwis should get a fair shot, so we:

  • back microfinance loans so that people who couldn’t otherwise borrow money can get small, interest-free loans to get the things they need or get back on their fee
    • In Auckland and Waikato, the Nga Tangata Microfinance Trust provides no-interest loans and debt relief loans through a network of budget advisers. We won a joint award for this work.
    • In Christchurch, we’ve partnered with Aviva, who will be providing microfinance loans to individuals and families affected by family violence, starting in early 2014.
    • We’ve partnered with Good Shepherd Microfinance to support the establishment of a microfinance sector in New Zealand.
  • have special accounts for non-profit organisations
  • make access to banking services easier for the elderly and disabled. We’re:
    • designing new branches with consideration to the needs of customers who have difficulty accessing our services
    • developing text-to-speech capability in new ATMs that will be installed over the next few years.

We’re making New Zealand a better place

We’re committed to making our country an even sweeter place to live, so we:

Financial wellbeing

We want to make money manageable for everyone. This goal is ingrained in everything we do — from the way we communicate, to the information we provide and the products we offer.

We’re helping Kiwis get money-savvy

We recognise that dealing with your finances can seem complicated, so we:

Building a sustainable future

Trusting us with your money is no small ask — we value that trust, and we’re planning to stick around for you, for the long haul.

We even won the NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards, Supreme Award 2013.

We’re looking after our people

We believe that people come before everything else, so we:

  • recognise that our people have interests and talents that they would like to express at work
  • make sure we’re a place people want to work, with a great culture and strong values
  • debate any tough ethical issues — our ethics committee meets to discuss ethical issues as they arise. We’re guided by the principles in our Code of banking responsibility
  • give back to our communities — all Kiwibank staff get a day’s paid leave each year to volunteer with a community organisation. We also support payroll giving, where staff can give to registered charities via payroll, getting their tax credit immediately. We also have a payroll giving scheme that our staff can participate in.

We’re looking after our environment

We know that caring for our environment is key to the future, and we work hard to reduce our footprint on the world. We:

  • We know that caring for our environment is key to the future, and we work hard to reduce our footprint on the world. We:
  • use Nightwatchman to power off our computers overnight
  • have targets to reduce our carbon that we actively work to reduce
  • have a team dedicated to finding ways to reduce waste. Some of the things we’re doing are:
    • security card–operated printers to reduce unnecessary paper use
    • donating and recycling obsolete electronic equipment
    • reducing energy use in our server rooms.