About I Am Hope

I Am Hope is an organisation focused on youth mental health. It's run by the Key to Life Charitable Trust and was founded by Mike King

We saw the massive support Kiwis put behind the I Am Hope campaign with thousands adding the frame to their Facebook profile. Kiwibank contributed $100,000 to the cause and are encouraging generous Kiwis all over Aotearoa to get involved on Gumboot Friday by donating and to feel what it’s like to spend a day walking in the shoes of someone struggling with mental health issues.

The First Gumboot Friday was held on Friday 5 April 2019, and together we raised $1.3 million dollars for I Am Hope.

Why gumboots?

Mike likens depression to walking through mud every day. To share an understanding of what that’s like, he’s encouraging New Zealanders to wear gumboots on Gumboot Friday and also to donate to the cause.

Where will the money go?

At the moment, many of our young people who are struggling with mental health issues are placed on waiting lists and aren’t getting timely help. Mike wants to change that – with your help.

All money raised from Gumboot Friday will go towards funding free professional counselling for our vulnerable kids, so they can get the help they need, when they need it.

How to make a donation

You can donate to I Am Hope today by:

  • Cash donations – You’ll be able to make a donation at any Kiwibank branch.
  • Online or mobile app – Make a bill payment to the cause through internet banking or your mobile app. Just go to 'Bill Payments' and search for ‘Gumboot Friday’ under the company payee options.
  • Bank deposit – You can also deposit money into this bank account: 38 9020 0336055 01.
  • Through the I Am Hope GiveALittle page.