Thank you New Zealand, we challenged to you adding 50,000 frames and you smashed it!

Your support for Mike King, 2019 Kiwibank New Zealander of the Year and the Gumboot Up NZ movement means that $100,000 is on its way to support I AM HOPE in delivering free counselling services to all kids who need it.

What is this all about?

Kiwibank is supporting Mike King and the I AM HOPE organisation in their effort to get free and timely mental health support for kids when they need it through Gumboot Friday, April 5 2019.

How does it work?

If you added the special I Am Hope New Zealander of the Year #Gumbootup frame to your profile picture, Kiwibank donated $1 to the Gumboot Friday fund on your behalf and we have hit our target of $50,000!

The frame is still live and adding it shows your support to those around you. Issues of mental health in New Zealand are still taboo and talking about them helps remove the stigma.

What is Kiwibank’s contribution?

We are contributing $100,000 towards the charity. Originally, we were hoping to reach 20,000 Kiwis ($20,000) but your overwhelming response blew us away so we’re now matching the $50,000 raised from the Facebook Frame promotion with an additional $50,000. Kiwis have risen to the challenge and it’s clear this is something that Kiwis really care about.

Well done New Zealand and thanks for supporting Mike King, 2019 New Zealander of the Year and the Gumboot Up NZ movement.

Is this for real?

It sure is! Kiwibank believe that good mental health support for our most vulnerable young Kiwis is really important and we support Mike King in his effort to make this a reality.

How many people have shared it so far?

We’ve hit our target of 50,000 frames and decided to match this with an additional donation of $50,000 which means we’re making a donation of $100,000 to I AM HOPE and Gumboot Friday.

How long do I need to have the frame on my photo to count?

It doesn’t matter how long you use the frame for, it’s up to you. If you’ve used the frame, then it counts.

How can I donate?

If you would like to donate to the I AM HOPE and the Gumboot Friday fund, you can make a donation on the Givealittle page. It’s a great cause and all support is wonderful.

What is Gumboot Friday all about?

Gumboot Friday, on Friday 5 April, is to raise money to pay for counselling for any kid that needs it.

Mike says that having depression is like walking through mud every day so he wants to encourage everyone to put on their gumboots on Friday April 5 2019 and show their support. Put your gumboots on, give a gold coin donation and walk in their shoes for a day.

Where can I get more information?

Check out for more information about Gumboot Friday, the I AM HOPE organisation and the awesome work they’re doing.

Why have we partnered with Mike King?

Kiwibank believes that good mental health support for our most vulnerable young kiwis should be free and available for any kid that needs it. Mike’s work aligns with our vision of Kiwis Making Kiwis Better Off.

Kiwibank - New Zealand of the year campaign on Facebook


Terms and Conditions

Instructions on how to participate form part of these Terms and Conditions. Participation in this campaign is deemed to be acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.

1. The campaign name: New Zealand of the Year Kiwibank campaign on Facebook™ (this is also being referred to as the I Am Hope facebook frame).

2. The length of the campaign: The campaign commences on the 17th February and closes as soon as there are 50,000 applications of the Kiwibank Facebook profile “I Am Hope” frame on to Facebook profile photos.

3. Details of how to participate in this campaign: Participation in the campaign involves the application of the specific Kiwibank Facebook frame posts. Entrants must enter using their own Facebook account. To participate in the campaign, you must apply the Kiwibank Facebook profile frame on your Facebook profile photo. Participation is deemed to occur when the frame is applied.

4. The date of application of the funding: As soon as there are 50,000 entries Kiwibank will donate $50,000 to the I am Hope Trust. For more information on this Trust go to

5. Details of this campaign: Each eligible Facebook frame application will be matched by a donation by Kiwibank of $1 (up to a maximum of $50,000). Kiwibank will then donate this amount to the I am Hope Trust.

6. Data Provided: Kiwibank is only being provided with the number of applications of the Kiwibank Facebook profile frame on your Facebook profile photo. This information is being provided by Facebook.

7. Facebook Entrants: This campaign is in no way being sponsored or endorsed by Facebook.

8. No Liability: Kiwibank and its associated agencies and companies will not be liable in any way (including, without limitation, in negligence) for any loss or damage whatsoever suffered (including, without limitation, indirect or consequential loss) or for any loss or damage or personal injury suffered or sustained in connection with this campaign, except any liability that cannot be excluded by law.