What’s new in internet banking

We’re always working to improve internet banking. The next lot of changes are out now – you’ll find the highlights below.

New this month

Now, where is that calculator...

Find yourself scrambling to do simple calculations while you’re doing your banking? Well, scramble no more! We’ve put a handy calculator to the right of all your account screens.

Set yourself a savings goal

Set yourself a savings goal...

While you’re perusing your accounts, set yourself a savings goal. Decide what you want to save for, how much you want to save, in which account, and by when.

Track your progress against your savings goal

...and track your progress

Once your goal is set, you can check your progress every time you log in.

Other new stuff we’ve added recently

Easier to navigate between accounts

No need to go back to the accounts page to view another account. Just select from the drop-down list (shows available balance too!).

Payments planning for each account

The future tab on the account details page shows upcoming payments for that account, so that you can transfer money around to make sure you’re covered.

Longer transaction history

Up to 24 months of transaction history now available – handy at tax time!

New no more suprise logout feature

No more surprise log outs

We check in with you to let you know you’re going to be logged out in a couple of minutes.

Cancelled credit card statements

Cancelled credit card statements

Now all the statements for old or cancelled credit cards can be found in your statement vault.

And all our usual great features!

Everything you love about Kiwibank internet banking is still there too:

  • Easily pay bills and set up people you pay often
  • Set up, edit and delete automatic payments and transfers
  • Customise your internet banking – rename your accounts, set up quick links, hide accounts, change your personal details
  • Send money overseas
  • Open new accounts online – open investment accounts, get a credit card or Visa Debit Card, sign up for KiwiSaver.

To register for internet banking, call us on 0800 11 33 55, or drop into your local Kiwibank.