Making changes

You can make changes to your Kiwibank KiwiSaver Scheme account at your local Kiwibank, over the phone or in internet banking. You can:

  • view balances and transactions
  • transfer funds from other Kiwibank accounts into your member account
  • change your investment option
  • change funds if you’re in Classic
  • change your investment mix if you’re in Self Managed.

The first two changes to your investment options, funds, or Self Managed investment mix in any 12 month period (starting from your enrolment date) are free. After that a switch fee will apply.

Contributions holidays

If you’ve been making contributions from your pay for 12 months or more, you can take a contributions holiday of between 3 months and 5 years. You don't need to provide a reason. In some cases Inland Revenue may agree to a holiday of less than 3 months.

There’s no limit to the number of times you can take a contributions holiday and you can renew it at any time.

To apply for a contributions holiday you can:

Early withdrawals

There are some circumstances where you can apply to withdraw some or all of your investment early. You can read more about them on the KiwiSaver website.

Download the Investment Statement for the Kiwi Wealth KiwiSaver Scheme (PDF 6.7 MB) or pick up a copy from your local Kiwibank.

Kiwi Wealth Limited (formerly called Gareth Morgan KiwiSaver Limited) is the Issuer and Manager of the Kiwi Wealth KiwiSaver Scheme (the Scheme) and is a related company of Kiwibank Limited. Kiwibank is a distributor but is not an issuer or promoter of the Scheme. Investments made in the Scheme do not represent bank deposits or other liabilities of Kiwibank and neither they nor any other person guarantees the repayment of members’ interests in the Scheme or the payment of any earnings or returns on investment in the Scheme. Investments in the Scheme are subject to investment and other risks, including possible delays in payment of withdrawal amounts in some circumstances and loss of investment value.

The Kiwibank KiwiSaver Scheme closed to new members as from 5 December 2012. It continues to operate for existing members, but no applications will be accepted to join or transfer into it on or after 5 December 2012.

Kiwibank Investment Management Limited is the Issuer and Manager of the Kiwibank KiwiSaver Scheme. Trustees Executors Limited is the Trustee of the Kiwibank KiwiSaver Scheme. Kiwibank Limited and each of its directors are Promoters of the Kiwibank KiwiSaver Scheme. Units in the Kiwibank KiwiSaver Scheme do not represent deposits or other liabilities of Kiwibank Limited.

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